Problems with Waymarksoflife Emails

 How to Get Our Emails Out of Spam

After registering, an email will arrive from It normally only takes a few minutes, but give it up to an hour. It should arrive in your inbox. If not, please leave for 24 hours to allow our system to send out emails the next day.

If an email does not arrive within 24 hours, then check the following:

Step 1

Check your spam folder to see if it has turned up there. It will be from

Why has it turned up in my Spam folder? The simple answer is your spam filter is also filtering out the good stuff, such as our emails.

Step 2.

There are two ways to do Step Two. Select A or B

A. When you have found our email in your spam folder, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the email. You will need to scroll past the place where there is no text. At the end of the email is a Mailchimp logo with text. Part of the text underlined says ‘Add us to your address book”. Click on this and follow any prompts (such as save address) and you have completed Step Two.

B. When you have found our email in your spam folder, go to the header of the email where it says ‘From’ ‘Subject’ ‘To’ (This is where it shows you all the content of your email).

Move your cursor over the ‘From’ part and make sure it rests on our name

Right click to bring up a menu and select, ‘Add to Address Book’ or similar. It may say add to contacts list. Click on it so it appears in your Address Book. Go to your Address Book to confirm it is there.

This tells your spam filter, this is a good email because it is in your Address Book, and a spam wouldn’t be.

Only complete Step Three if your email is still not in your inbox.

Step 3

Go back to the email in your spam folder.

We now need to move it out of spam back into your normal inbox.

Your email software will normally have two windows. One window that lists all the emails you have received and another window that shows you the content of an individual email.

We need to go to the window that lists all the emails you have received in your spam folder, not the ‘From’, ‘Part’ ‘To’ email content window.

Click on our email. It may have the title ‘The Way’ or something similar.

Now right click on it. A new menu comes up. Select ‘Move’ and sub menu ‘Inbox’.

This tells your spam that this is a good email and needs to be moved into your inbox.

It will now be in your inbox.

This should all that is required. From now on, in most cases, emails from us should go straight into your inbox.

If you are still having trouble, in that, our emails continue to end up in Spam, then you will need to take another step (see Reason 2 below).

Technical Steps if All Else Fails

This is a technical area so if you are not that way inclined, you will need a friend who is, to help you. If this is not possible, send us an email at and we will try to help you.

For example, if using Outlook, you will need to ‘create a rule’ for our email. Search Google for ‘Create a rule in Outlook ’ for guidance on what to do, especially the right year of your Outlook. The rule would be to move the email to a specific folder such as ‘Inbox’.

If using Thunderbird you will need to go to Tools>Message Filters to create a rule as above.

Search Google for instructions on creating a rule for other email software.

Simply stated, a rule tells your email Spam, regardless of what Spam would like to do, put all emails from this specific address into my inbox.

You should have no further issues.


To unsubscribe at any time, scroll to the bottom of any email from waymarksoflife where you will find information from Mailchimp and click on ‘unsubscribe from this list’. Follow any prompts.