About WayMarksOfLife

Waymarks of Life offers an on-going exploration of a way, rule or pattern of life that draws insights from sacred scriptures and human development tested in the forge of experience. It encompasses what some describe as discipleship training and others spiritual formation. It comes from a team who have taken vows with the international Community of Aidan and Hilda whose followers come from a wide spectrum of faith traditions. The team includes Oyvind Borgso (Denmark), Bruce Challoner (Australia), Brenda Grace (proofs) and Ray Simpson (UK).

Ray Simpson, Founding Guardian of The international Community of Aidan and Hilda, is the author of thirty five books on prayer, spirituality, Celtic Christianity, new monastic expressions and The Great Emergence whose sales are rising towards their first quarter million. The course material comprises some extracts from his books but is mostly freshly written. Subjects range from prayer to Bible study, from community building to the trail of the full human being, from healing of wounded places to shaping civilisation. For information about Ray’s books and other resources visit www.raysimpson.org. For his daily prayer tweet: twitter@praycelticdaily

For further information on the international community of Aidan and Hilda, see the following:

International: www.aidanandhilda.org.uk

Africa:            www.aidanandhilda.org.uk/international-

Australia:        aidanandhilda.org.au

Denmark:        www.anamara.dk

Norway:          www.anamcara.no

USA:               www.aidanandhilda.net