The Way

Dao                 Dadirri                       Ga batho ga moeny wu mot lotlegi  

Последователи Пути          Seguidores do Caminho              راہ کے پیروکاروں


An On-line Pilgrimage for Life

for millennials to veterans from every land

Birth your divine dream


The world is at a cross ways. So is Christianity. The first Christians were called Followers of the Way.  Where’s it going now? This way is green, but will take us through dark valleys and heights of vision.  This authentic way in a post-truth world leads us to edges and common ground, to Ground Zero and deep listening. It leads towards a divine cosmic love affair. Don’t miss it!

The course will unfold insights, excite us to live in a whole new way, and help us to shape a whole new world. It suggests small, gentle, even playful first steps along the way, but does not shirk the hard things we shall sooner or later meet in life and in ourselves. It is open to all without obligation.

Seven days of emails are followed by resources and spiritual formation exercises to be tried out for a week. These emails will be sent for several years. They (with their follow-up material) may be returned to throughout life. An email is sent each day for seven days, then seven days for reflection, then the cycle starts again. The course is self-guided, but students may add insights and resources to our Facebook page (private – only open to subscribers at waymarksoflife) .

This is part of a mass movement of people who care for earth, community and people.


This major initiative comes from a team of CA&H Voyagers: Technology experts Bruce Challoner (Australia), and Oyvind Borgso (Denmark) and course materials from Ray Simpson.

Their aim is to email friends of our community and many other networks throughout the world inviting them to enrol.  Each student is invited to email the course information to ten others. There is no fee but donations will be invited. After an initial overview there will be weeks on every element of our Way of Life.

Please pray that this may spread throughout the world.

Ray Simpson

Founding Guardian, The international Community of Aidan and Hilda www.aidanandhilda.org


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